Digital document signing
made simple and secure

for smart professionals who want to focus on their clients.

Benefits for you
and for your clients,
suppliers & partners

Gain efficiency

by digitizing cumbersome paper-based processes, saving everyone valuable time.

Build trust

with an entirely secure and user-friendly solution, fully integrated with .beID and itsme®.

Improve convenience

for yourself, your clients and other stakeholders, as you ease up complex signing processes.

Ensure compliance

with legally binding and eIDAS compliant signatures.

Track status

of all documents in real time.

Choose signing options

for yourself and your clients: text message, email, itsme® or .beID.

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Sign & deliver any document digitally

Everyday business documents

  • Purchase orders
  • Invoices
  • Employment contracts
  • Sales contracts
  • Purchase contracts
  • Insurance policies
  • Order forms
  • Rental agreements
  • Partner agreements
  • Assignment letters
  • Authorization documents

Financial & legal documents

  • Reduced VAT statements
  • Annual accounts
  • Minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Approval and deposit of financial statements
  • Approval of the Report of the General Meeting
  • General Meeting attendance list
  • Corporate Tax return
  • Approval of (foreign) bank accounts
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner statement (UBO)
  • Data Processor Agreements
  • Anti-Money Laundering Documents
  • Mandates

A pricing adapted to your signing needs

Start signing for free

Light Signer

Up to 500 signatures/year


per month

Medium Signer

Up to 1 000 signatures/year


per month

Frequent signer

Up to 5 000 signatures/year


per month

3 signing methods (manual, email, eID) are included in each package.

itsme signing can be activated for 2,50€/signature.

Signatures are sold per package. Package will be invoiced on a yearly basis.

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With SignHere your clients receive and sign documents on any device, anytime.

On smartphone, tablet and computer
Electronic Identification Authentication and trust services (eIDAS) compliant
Sign by text message, email, itsme® or .beID
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