Frank Verhaest

More flexibility for SignHere customers

If clients want anything, it’s choice. We realize that all too well. That’s why we gave the editions of our e-signature solution SignHere a new look: from now on SignHere is available in three different formulas. “By diversifying our offer in this way, we continue to lower the threshold for the use of the digital signature,” emphasizes Frank Verhaest, Product Marketing Manager at Isabel Group.

Previously, there was virtually no choice for customers who wanted to get started with SignHere. Although the SignHere service offered – and today still does – the necessary possibilities for customization. For example, the standard connectors and APIs available in the solution allow SignHere to integrate seamlessly and smoothly with various business applications, such as an ERP and a CRM. Also, the ability to offer the three different types of digital signatures (simple, advanced and qualified) to the signer is available in each edition.

SignHere Free, Business & Pro

SignHere’s e-signatures are now available in three editions: SignHere Free, SignHere Business and SignHere Pro. “With this, we offer our customers a flexible price that evolves with the commercial growth of their organization and the evolution of their business needs,” Frank clarifies. As a Business and Pro customer, you pay for the actual number of signatures you use.

That new pay-as-you-go or, more appropriately, pay-as-you-sign model also works degressively: the more digital signatures you place with SignHere, the cheaper they become. “As the customer’s business grows, the cost of using the digital signature thus decreases,” Frank summarizes.

"By diversifying our offer in this way, we continue to lower the threshold for the use of the digital signature"

Frank Verhaest ‐ Product Marketing Manager

Free access to all SignHere features

In addition to the price for the chosen bundle of signatures, the former SignHere offering included a lot of additional functionality, such as the integration capabilities mentioned earlier. “Only not every customer needs those,” Frank knows from experience. “Customers who effectively need additional functionality and customization can now opt for the Pro Edition. Other customers can limit themselves to the Business Edition.”

At the same time, anyone can now use SignHere for free thanks to the Free Edition. “The free version is limited in volume: you can place up to ten digital signatures. You have all the functionality that users of the Business Edition also enjoy,” Frank emphasizes. “So you don’t end up in an artificial demo or test environment. No, you can use the full platform to put real, legally valid signatures on real documents.”

Fast onboarding thanks to new platform TruliUs

For some customers, the Free Edition will suffice. Other customers can get started easily and quickly with the Business Edition. In either case, you must first create a TruliUs account. TruliUs, another trusted service of Isabel Group, is a digital identity vault for companies.


Among other things, TruliUs enables companies to manage company information and employee roles, and connect with other companies. The information customers provide in TruliUs is used by SignHere to create an account – with the required permission, of course. “Using TruliUs as an onboarding service means that today you can get started with SignHere’s e-signatures after only a few minutes, whereas in the past the same process took three to five days. Moreover, for SignHere, the customer never has to remember a login with a password. He/she can simply log in with his/her itsme® app or eID.”

The TruliUs corporate identity offers opportunities

In time, the use of TruliUs will also open up possibilities for other Isabel Group services and those of other suppliers. “The latter no longer need to create a login page. And they won’t have to provide password recovery or other forms of support either. On top of that, they always have the assurance that the person logging in is authorized by the company to do so,” says Frank. Finally, with an eye to the future, he presses the point that the completely revamped SignHere platform also allows for new functionality to be added more quickly. “For its development, we are basing ourselves more than ever on the concrete practical experiences of our users. We systematically and thoroughly map these out, including through numerous customer interviews.”

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