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As an eSignature solution, SignHere provides an unparalleled user experience without any compromise on security. Invite signers and monitor the status online in just a few clicks. Users can choose between a wide range of signing methods, including eIDAS-compliant Qualified Electronic Signatures.

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Prepare new

Upload documents in any format (PDF, Word, txt, XML, Zip,…), choose the signers and define the signing order (sequential, parallel or complex).


Save time

Control the signing process

Choose the type of document

Sign new

Let previously selected persons sign by email, text message, itsme® or .eID on any device. Send automatic reminders and receive a notification once the document has been signed.

Flexible choice of signature type

Speed up the signature process

Avoid delays

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Track the signing status of documents, send automated reminders and manage users. Signed documents will remain available on the portal.

Access signed documents instantly

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Audit trail

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