SignHere BUSINESS Edition

Digital signing in total freedom



You need an easy-to-use signing platform without setup cost, nor maintenance costs?
You only pay the signatures that you use and can stop whenever you want.
SignHere Business, the freedom of signing.

SignHere Business Edition

1. Create a TruliUs account

TruliUs is the onboarding
tool we use to create your
SignHere account.

SignHere Business Edition

2. Subscribe to SignHere

Accept the Terms & Conditions and start using SignHere.

SignHere Business Edition

3. Upgrade to Business Edition

One-click upgrade from
the Free Edition to the
Business Edition.

Compare the features

Pay as you use

With SignHere Business you only pay for what you use

The price of one signature is based on degressive steps.
The more you use SignHere, the cheaper the signatures become. *

0.79 Eur
Price per signature

Number of signatures per year

1 500 1000 2500 5000 10000
> 10001

* Price per signature is based on the total number of signatures you used in the last 12 months (or since subscription start).
It can therefore change every month based on your yearly usage. The higher your yearly usage, the cheaper the individual signature price.
* Possible surcharges per signature: itsme (1,70 €), SMS (0,10 €)

Create a TruliUs account

TruliUs is a digital identity vault for your company.
It allows you to manage your company information, users, language settings and enter into contact with other companies.
Furthermore it allows you to sign your document digitally with TruliUs Sign.

SignHere uses the information you provide in TruliUs to create your account, with your consent.

TruliUs is a trusted service from Isabel Group.


More about TruliUs



Subscribe to SignHere

After creating your TruliUs account, you need to subscribe to SignHere.

Subscribing to the SignHere application is as simple as accepting the Terms & Conditions. You then have access to SignHere Free Edition (with the free credits of course).

From there, it is an easy 1-click to upgrade to the Business Edition.

Upgrade to Business Edition

After creating your free account, you can easily upgrade to the Business Edition by clicking the green ‘Free’ button at the top right of your signing portal.

Billing will be done on a monthly basis, based on the number of signatures that have been placed. You pay through SDD (Sepa Direct Debit), so no hassle.

Start using SignHere Business

Benefits for you
and your business partners

Unlimited users

There is no limit on the
number of company users
who can use SignHere

Unlimited documents

There is no limit on the
number of documents you
can send

Degressive pay-as-you-use pricing

Only pay for the signatures
that you use. The more you
use, the cheaper they get.

Fast onboarding

Start using SignHere
in less than 5 minutes
with TruliUs, our onboarding tool

TruliUs Sign

Our business signing
option is included for free.
Stop signing company
documents with your
private signature.

Signing methods

Select the most appropriate
legal signing method: SMS,
email, itsme® or beID.

We interacted with SignHere at the time we were doing the research to digitize the signing of documents. Very quickly, everything was implemented with the right guidance: easy to use and applicable across different companies and departments.

Koen Van Acker ‐ CFO Artes Group
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