At Sels & Verhoeven Accountancy, documents are digitally signed in days instead of weeks

‘You easily win half an hour per document with SignHere’

‘Can you come by to sign this document?’ Rather not, it takes longer to get to the accountant’s than to actually sign the document. At Sels & Verhoeven Accountancy they also realised this, which is why they decided to save you the trip by switching to the SignHere digital signing platform. The only reason you still need to go to their office is for professional advice. And their delicious coffee. 

Sels & Verhoeven Accountancy is a full-service accounting firm based in Lier. They advise SMEs at every stage of their operations, where possible digitally.

The future of accounting is digital

Sels & Verhoeven Accountancy is part of the Cijferbazen BV, a group of six digital accounting firms that share a passion for the modern way of working. ‘We believe in digitalisation, optimisation and automation,’ Seppe Sels, the director of Sels & Verhoeven Accountancy, explains. ‘Silverfin, Yuki, FID-Manager… we use various online platforms and software solutions to make the life of our accountants and our clients as easy as possible.’

In 2020, they added the SignHere digital signing platform to their range of services. ‘We had been mulling over this switch for quite some time, but the pandemic accelerated our decision to go digital,’ Seppe recalls.

‘The decision to use SignHere was relatively easy,’ he adds. ‘We screened several solutions, but SignHere seemed the most logical choice. It is a product of the Isabel Group, just like Codabox, which our firm already used.’

On track in no time

The switch to SignHere took no time at all. ‘You don’t need to install anything. Moreover, the platform is so intuitive that you can get started very easily.’

Since then, they find it hard to imagine what life was like before SignHere. The accountants use the platform daily for the signing of all kinds of documents, including contracts, annual reports, mandates and annual accounts. ‘It has been such a time saver. In fact, you easily win half an hour for every document that needs signing,’ Seppe emphasizes. ‘There is no need to print out, sign, scan and save the document… But, above all, you no longer need to chase that one missing signature. Since we switched to SignHere, we can have all the signatories sign a document in two to three days. So, on time, meaning we don’t need to backdate documents any longer.’

In short, SignHere is a perfect addition to Sels & Verhoeven Accountancy’s digital approach. The firm can now work even more efficiently, investing even more time in providing professional support to its clients and in the further innovation and digitalization of its operations.

It has been such a time saver. You easily win half an hour for every document that needs signing.

Seppe Sels ‐ Director of Sels & Verhoeven Accountancy BV, member of Cijferbazen BV


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