What’s new?

We are constantly updating SignHere based on feedback of our users.
Below you will find the latest information on new features, UX improvements, bug fixes and much more.


Release 68

  • Users now get a ‘Welcome email’ after they have created their account in SignHere
  • Improve the creation of the template file when doing batch send.
  • Add ‘help’ video to help users send their documents
  • Icons available in titles
  • Add button ‘sign by me’ to enable to add your own name as a signer much faster
  • Removal of the user’s middle names in the account
  • New menu ‘Account’ 
  • Minor bug fixes


Release 64

  • It is now easy to change the interface language. No need to change it in your TruliUs account anymore.
  • Custom communication field added to allow sending of a specific communication to the signer before he/she opens the document to sign it.
  • Changes to bottom navigation
  • Addition of custom labels for the names when sending single & batch documents
  • Terms & Conditions in Dutch & French
  • Minor bug fixes