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1725€ per year

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2 500

2250€ per year

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2 500 signatures

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Some things to help you with selecting the right bundle

  • Pricing is per bundle and will be invoiced yearly. A bundle consists of a fixed number of signatures.
  • You can use more signatures than your subscription allows (out-of-bundle); these additional signatures will be charged additionally (on a monthly basis) at the same price per signature as in-bundle.
  • Any digital signatures used beyond your contracted bundle will be invoiced on top of your subscription.
  • Payment of your invoice will happen through Sepa Direct Debit (SDD) yearly in advance for your subscription and monthly in arrears for any out-of-bundle usage.

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By default you will have access to 5 signing methods with SignHere. Don't worry, you can always select specific methods per individual document later.

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