Christian Stendevad
Christian Stendevad
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

CEO since 18.08.2021

Profession: Chief Executive Officer at Penneo

Description: Christian Stendevad has solid experience within the digital identity and security space and in scaling SaaS businesses globally. Christian is an experienced leader who previously held a position as Chief Operating Officer in Omada. Christian has been with Omada for the past 17 years, where he successfully co-headed the international scaling and growth journey of Omada. Prior to Omada he held a position as Managing Consultant in PwC Consulting and IBM.

Educational background: Master in Engineering in Electronics, DTU

Christian Stendevad privately owns 21,554 shares in Penneo A/S.

Christian Stendevad privately holds 1,186,555 warrants in Penneo A/S

Casper Nielsen Christiansen
Casper Nielsen Christiansen

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

CFO since 1.12.2018

Profession: Chief Financial Officer at Penneo

Description: Casper Christiansen has since 2018 been the key driver behind the development of structured financial processes in Penneo for improved financial insights regarding e.g. ongoing forecasting, SaaS metrics, profitability etc. In addition, Casper continuously supports the organization regarding the financial aspects of decision making – thus ensuring that all key decisions in Penneo are fact-based and in accordance with the financial situation. With the onboarding of Casper, all management accounting functions have been reallocated back to Penneo, and the financial team today comprises five people. Before joining Penneo, Casper Christiansen was CFO in SpotOn Marketing, where he played a key role in the disposal of the company to the private equity fund, Adelis.

Educational background: Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Financial and Management Accounting), Copenhagen Business School

Casper Nielsen Christiansen owns 0 shares in Penneo A/S.

Casper Nielsen Christiansen privately holds 168,748 warrants in Penneo A/S.

André Clement
CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)
CCO since 9.01.2014

Profession: Chief Commercial Officer at Penneo

Description: André Schack is one of the co-founders of Penneo and has been a key factor in driving the Company forward. In addition, he has been able to provide Penneo with valuable insights from the auditing industry. André is a gifted salesperson, and with unique relationship management skills, André has played an important role in the high growth rates related to the attraction of new customers. In addition, André Schack plays a leading role in the European expansion as a vital part of Penneo’s task force, which primarily focuses on attracting Big10 firms across new European markets.

Hans Skovgaard
Hans J. Skovgaard
CTPO (Chief Technical Product Officer)
CTPO since 1.01.2023

Profession: Chief Technical Product Officer at Penneo

Description: Hans J. Skovgaard has a solid expierence in creating high quality and high reliability software products with over 20 years of technology and software engineering leadership experience. He has a successful history of driving strategic planning, running operations, and advancing development initiatives in software companies.

Most recently, he has served as CTO and Vice President of R&D in Capture One, a company with more than 160 employees. Prior to this, he worked as VP for Engineering in Milestone Systems, a leading global provider of video management software. He has also held senior leadership positions in Microsoft and Mondosoft.

Educational background: M.Sc in Artificial intelligence, B.Sc in Computer Science, and holds an MBA from IMD.

Hans J. Skovgaard owns 168,346 shares in Penneo A/S via Brudegaarden Holding ApS.

Hans J. Skovgaard privately holds 178,947 warrants in Penneo A/S.

Board of Directors

Jostein Vik
Jostein Vik
Chairman of the Board

Chairman since 10.04.2024

Profession: Partner, Viking Venture

Particular competencies in relation to Penneo A/S: B2B software, internationalization of software companies, digital identity services, experience as chairman and board member in multiple listed software companies.

Other key positions: Chairman of the Board in Heeros (listed in Helsinki), Chairman of the Board in FotoWare, Board Member in Keystone

Educational background: Masters Degree, Business Administration and Management, BI Norwegian Business School

Status: Independent of Company

Shareholding in Penneo A/S: Viking Venture 29 AS owns 3,050,000 shares in Penneo A/S.

Rikke Stampe Skov
Board Member

Board Member since 5.03.2021

Profession: CEO at Impero A/S

Particular competencies in relation to Penneo A/S: CEO (operational) experience, experience from the accounting profession (PwC), international scaling of SaaS companies.

Other key positions: Member of the Board of Representatives of Forenet Kredit

Educational background: Board Master Class (CBS), HD(O) (CBS), HA(jur.) (CBS)

Status: Independent of Company

Shareholding in Penneo A/S: Rikke Stampe Skov privately owns 1,615 shares in Penneo A/S.

Rikke Stampe Skov privately holds 27,613 warrants in Penneo A/S.

Eske Gunge
Board Member

Board member since 10.04.2024

Profession: Business angel investor and board member

Particular competencies in relation to Penneo A/S: CEO and founder of a startup/scaleup. Experience with international scaling of SaaS B2B, as well as multi-sales channels and Go-to-Market.

Other key positions: Board Member in WOBA.IO, Board Member in, Board Member in, Chairman of the Board for

Educational background: Masters Degree, IT (MSc, e-business) – IT University of Copenhagen (2002),
Executive Management Program – INSEAD (2010-2011)

Status: Independent of Company

Shareholding in Penneo A/S: Eske Gunge owns 4,944 shares in Penneo A/S through his holding company.

Morten Kenneth Elk
Morten Kenneth Elk
Board Member

Board member since 14.09.2018

Profession: Professional board member and investor

Particular competencies in relation to Penneo A/S: CEO & founder (operational) experience: Devising strategies, start-up & scale-up experience.

Educational background: Ph.D. Physics, University of Copenhagen

Other key position: Chairman of the Board, Copyright Agent A/S
Chairman of the Board, My True Value ApS

Status: Independent of Company

Shareholding in Penneo A/S: Morten Kenneth Elk privately owns 301,250 shares in Penneo A/S.

Morten Kenneth Elk privately holds 8,108 warrants in Penneo A/S.

Kasper Behrens
Board Member

Board member since 10.04.2024

Profession: Strategic advisor – Executit Advisory (, Strategic advisor – Netic A/S (Trifork AG)

Particular competencies in relation to Penneo A/S: Experience with Penneo’s technical platform, product and customer segment. Deep insight in the customer side, the positioning in segments, and strategic architecture.

Educational background: Executive MBA – Aalborg University, Data engineer – Odense Teknikum

Status: Independent of Company

Shareholding in Penneo A/S: Kasper Behrens owns 10,822 shares in Penneo A/S


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